Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our pullets!

The beginning of March I picked up 6 new chicks for expanding our chicken flock. I bought 2 Cream Legbars, 2 Red Stars and 2 Black Stars. Below is what they now look like at 4 weeks of age.
 Cream Legbar, note the crest.
 Red Star
 Black Star, note the legs are blackish.
Cream Legbar, these are supposed to lay blue green eggs.


Kim and Victoria said...

Are you selling your eggs? More chicks??? I'm so jealous! :-)

Randy Emmitt said...

we might have to sell eggs, got 6 eggs from 6 hens today. 4 is about the daily average for our 6 hens.

Anonymous said...

holy cluck!

tina said...

Really cute! I can't wait until I can finally get some too.

Indie said...

Awesome! That will be so much fun to get different colored eggs. I am busy trying to convince my husband that we should get some chickens. So far he remains unconvinced..