Saturday, March 29, 2014

Park's primroses this weekend!


Camellia Forest Nursery in Chapel Hill, NC is having open house this weekend. I read about it last night on one of their Facebook posts. They mentioned a sale on Clifford Parks heat tolerant primroses. I've purchased these in the past and they do survive our hot dry summers. Camellia Forest will be open Sunday afternoon if you would want to get some of these beautiful plants.

So I somehow ended up there to get some primroses and 2 camellias. I feel lucky to have these locally grown primroses available in our area. These are all crosses, each different than the other. I have one primrose in our garden that is about 15 years old, so they can live a long time. 

 The camera did not capture the dark burgundy color on this primrose. Wow!
Oh and I loaded the camera with images of a lot of the camellias in bloom at the nursery. Maybe a post on them soon.


Alison said...

I love primroses, these are lovely. I especially like that one with the pink and yellow and touches of peach.

Kim and Victoria said...

Love those primroses. Looks as if I'm only getting one back this year. :-(